Ticks Facts

Ticks are tiny arthropods that feed on the blood of their hosts. The primary danger of ticks is not the disgusting thought of them burrowing into your scalp and feeding.

Rather, the danger comes from the diseases they carry, most often Lyme Disease. This is an extremely serious condition that often begins with flu-like symptoms. A month later, rashes and skin lesions can appear accompanied by fatigue and dizziness. Finally, Lyme Disease attacks the nervous system and can even weaken the heart. The best way to avoid Lyme Disease is to avoid ticks! That means checking your pet regularly and applying tick repellants, keeping your lawn mowed and maintained, and if you are walking in a wooded area where ticks might be found, stop and check yourself regularly. Occasionally, ticks can nest inside homes and once this happens you will likely see them on your walls or along floorboards. If you have a tick problem, it may require both outdoor and indoor treatments to get rid of the problem. The good news is that new all-natural treatments have proven very effective in eliminating ticks in the home. Ask your pest control specialist for more information on how you can go the natural route. 

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