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These tree and garden pests are rapidly making their way across the state with devastating results. All Florida's Professional Treatment can save your landscaping!

Spiraling Whitefly don’t belong in Florida. They’re not native to our state but oh boy have they have arrived and you need to be on the look out to spot the signs before it’s too late. The sooner you call in our experts, the less damage these buggers can do.

How Whitefly Destroy Trees & Gardens
Whitefly produce what’s called “honeydew”, a sugary substance that’s a big danger to palms, oaks and other trees. The honeydew covers the trees’ leaves blocking the sunlight and allowing a dark sooty mold to grow on the leaves. Eventually, the affected leaves will darken, die and drop. If left unchecked, the problem grows fast because as long as there’s food the Whitefly aren’t leaving.

Signs Of A Spiraling Whitefly Problem
Maybe the only good news about this problem is that it’s easy to spot. You might actually see small white flies zipping around your garden area. Or you might notice the leaves of your trees and plants darkening. But one thing is certain. If you have a Spiraling Whitefly problem you will eventually know it by the appearance of that sticky, dark sooty mold on your walkways, driveways, cars, patios, pool decks – pretty much anywhere around your problem area. This stuff is sticky and nasty. You can’t miss it.

Arborjet Trunk Injection By Our Trained Experts Is The Solution!
The only way to get rid of Spiraling Whitefly is to make their food source – your trees and plants – no longer appetizing. That’s what Arborjet Trunk Injection does. It actually makes your trees taste bad to the flies without doing the slightest bit of damage to your beautiful landscaping.

  • All Florida Trained Experts drill a small harmless plug into tree trunks
  • Special formulation is immediately distributed using the trees natural transport system
  • Lasts through next season for long-term protection
  • 100% harmless to palms, oaks and any other trees

Spiraling Whitefly is one of the most pressing tree and garden challenges facing Florida today. If you think you might have a problem the only guaranteed solution is professional treatment. This is not a do-it-yourself problem. So please call us ASAP. All Florida will provide a free evaluation of your trees and landscaping. If you have a Spiraling Whitefly problem, we are the responsive and affordable solution. Guaranteed.

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